Annual Lake Charles Housing & Community Fair Will be Held October 28th

A Community Voice, in conjunction with our sister organization, Southern United Neighborhoods is hosting a housing, jobs, health care and small business fair for residents interested in owning their own homes, fixing their own home, buying rental property and receiving information on needed social services and job opportunities. SUN’s program works with the City of Lake Charles.

Our annual housing fairs:

*supports one to one credit counseling

*supports special programs for low income families including free housing rehab and annually connects over 1000 families to affordable housing programs

*provides annual grassroots outreach to over 300,000 families, with information about our programs and of our sponsoring organizations

*connects residents to area businesses and services

Southern United Neighborhoods (SUN) will host the special Housing, Jobs, Healthcare, and Small Business Fair, Saturday October 28th from 10am to 1pm at the Allen P. August Multipurpose Center at 2001 Moeling Street in Lake Charles, LA.

This event will draw over 300 families.

As an organization and business that the community needs to know about and participate in, we would very much appreciate your sponsorship of the upcoming fair. Sponsorship of the fair includes: literature and a table at our event, listing as a sponsor in all publicity, including media, flyers, and other outreach vehicles to churches, schools and PSAs. Name and logo will be placed on 50,000 flyers.

Please fill out the attached information if you are interested in participating in our fair. Feel free to call us at 800-239-7379 or email or if you have additional questions or would like to meet with us about our organization.

Sign up form for small businesses & organizations.


Candidate Forum for New Orleans City Council Races

August 4th, 2017

A Community Voice hosted at Candidate Forum in New Orleans for New Orleans City Council Candidates for District E and City Council at Large Division 1 at Trinity Lutheran Church 5234 N. Claiborne on Friday August 4th, 2017.

It was a very spirited event with many questions from the audience. Thanks to all those who attended.



Campaign Forum for Candidates for New Orleans City Council District E and Div 1, At-Large

What does the 9th Ward Want?


New Orleans—A Community Voice (ACV), Ninth Ward Chapters will conduct a Candidate forum for District E and Div. 1, City Council races this Friday, August 4, 2017, at 6:00 p.m., at 5234 N. Claiborne at Egania in the old Trinity Lutheran Church, to raise critical issues to the 9th ward.

The meeting is held in the Lower 9th ward to highlight the area of District E that has been “forgotten in the current City Council forums that tend to relate to New Orleans East”, stated leaders from A Community Voice who chair the event:   Secretary Treasurer Debra Campbell, Lower 9th Ward Co-Chair Gwendolyn Adams, and Member Organizer Jo Jackson.

“But there are many issues that intertwine the neighborhoods of the 9th and 8th wards ward including the fight led by A Community Voice against the industrialization project of the state to forge a new freeway on Florida Ave from the Port of St Bernard Parish to Elysian Fields. Further, the expansion in the 9th ward, of the Industrial Canal is a dangerous unnecessary Trump reprioritized infrastructure project that would also threaten St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes. There is widespread belief that both projects will diminish the quality of life in predominately black residential 8th and 9th wards of New Orleans,” said Debra Campbell, Chairperson, ACV-Ninth Ward Chapter. A lack of remedies for Blight control and employment projects also lead the list, with increased taxes, gentrification and crime that has seniors afraid to leave their homes, and more.





Join Your Church or Organization in the Fight Against the Industrial Canal Expansion & The Florida Avenue Freeway

Thank You for Fighting for the Community

  1. Call the Numbers on the Flyer
  2. Give this packet of information to your Pastor, Organization or small business
  3. Hand out flyers to your neighbors
  4. Come out Monday June 26th to Candidate Forum at Justice and Beyond at Christian Unity 1700 Conti (at N. Claiborne)
  • Residents will have to relocate.
  • You can’t sue the Corps of Engineers
  • Affects three parishes as two bridges will be up at the same time.
  • Move it to unpopulated parts of St Bernard Parish & work with their residents.
  • The noise, dust and construction debris and intrusions will impact health, property values will fall. 13+ years of pile-driving will irreversibly damage property.
  • The threat to three parishes will be increased during hurricane seasons because the actual construction process that will impede traffic flow over the canal & open flood walls.
  • Bernard Parish recently learned that the Corps had, yet again, allowed a contractor to put in a below standard quality and uncoated infrastructure in their flood walls!
  • The affected communities in New Orleans have always opposed the expansion of the Industrial Canal because there are no community benefits from this project but many devastating consequences. It’s called Environmental Racism.
  • Florida Ave Freeway – Stop the new freeway from St Bernard Parish, up Tupelo St. and all across Florida from lower 9 to 7th ward, removes 100 Affordable Houses in Lower 9.

What Can You Do?

  • Contact the Electeds who haven’t signed with us to fight these issues: Governor John Bel Edwards 225-342-0991; Congressman Steve Scalise 504-837-1259; Congressman Cedric Richmond 504-288-3777; Council District E James Gray 504-658-1053; Council at Large Stacy Head 504-658-1060; Council District D Jared Brossett
  • Bernard Parish Residents! President Guy McInnis or call 504-278-4227. Ask him to tell Congressman Steve Scalise no Industrial Canal Expansion.
  • Come to the Candidate Forum on Monday June 26th at Christian Unity Church at 1700 Conti (at N. Claiborne) from 4:45pm to 7pm to meet the candidates who are running this fall for Mayor, City Council, etc Call or write to get info: 800-239-7379;; FREE Dinner
  • Put a sign at your home naming electeds who are for the community on these issues:             (Call or write for your sign: 800-239-7379;

Informational Packets.pdf


Stop the Expansion of the Industrial Canal, Move it to an Unpopulated Area in St. Bernard Parish


Contact: Vanessa Gueringer, Secretary, A Community Voice and Debra Campbell, Chairperson Upper 9th Ward A Community Voice 504-941-2852 and day of event: 504-710-2844

Stop the Expansion of the Industrial Canal, Move it to an Unpopulated Area in St. Bernard Parish


A Community Voice Members to Meet With Elected Officials at Trinity Lutheran Church March 24, 5234 N Claiborne

6:00 p.m, Friday, March 24

Also: Info on Fighting the Florida Ave Freeway

NEW ORLEANS — While the Corps of Engineers’ reinvigorated plan to expand the Industrial Canal was most recently resurrected, members of A Community Voice who reside in the upper and lower 9th wards began organizing to fight it. Fresh on their minds, is the recent mistake by Corps’ with the design and execution of walls at the Industrial Canal that resulted in the subsequent flooding of the city. The Corps cannot be sued for anything there. Also, at issue are many other issues: problems from 13 years of heavy construction, pile-driving, dust, traffic issues, relentless noise, safety problems from simultaneously having both bridges up (no access by police, fire, ambulances, etc.), to delays for workers and parents.

Members of A Community Voice, will be on hand to urge Councilman at Large Jason Williams to ensure that the City of New Orleans take an interest in the potential problems associated with the expansion, including Resolutions to Congress and the state of Louisiana. State Rep. Jimmy Harris and others will be on hand to work with the community group.

For more on the Expansion of the Industrial Canal.

A Community Voice members in the Upper and Lower 9th ward are working with others from St. Bernard Parish to gain support for moving the toxins from the Industrial Canal, and its main operations to an unpopulated area in St. Bernard Parish.

Please join us Friday, at 6:00 p.m, at 5234 N Claiborne to fight for the neighborhoods in the 9th ward.

Vanessa Gueringer
Vice President
A Community Voice
Chairperson Lower 9th Ward A Community Voice
Debra Campbell
A Community Voice
and Chairperson
Upper 9th Ward A Community Voice
504-941-2852 office
504-617-6215 fax


Comments Due to Army Corps of Engineers by March 14th on Industrial Canal Expansion

Join ACV in fighting against the Industrial Canal Expansion. 

Comments may be submitted to:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (PDC-CEC)
c/o Mark Lahare
P.O. Box 60267
New Orleans, LA 70160-0267
Fax: (504) 862-2088
This contains some of our comments to the Corps.
As you know, the history of the expansion of the Industrial Canal includes the uniform opposition by those neighborhood members and groups who line the canal. At present, there are many issues with the expansion that has led most of us to conclude that the canal needs to be moved to an un-populated area of St. Bernard Parish. We are working with elected officials from St. Bernard who are for this move, as well. Most folks recognize that the future of the Industrial Canal will continue to be against other expansion efforts, why not just move it to a place where the future won’t guarantee a fight?

The current basis for the log-ramming effort to expand at its existing location is based on out of date information. At the very least, a new Traffic Study should be conducted to give you the data that this site is out of date, past info suggesting anything positive about this site is out of date and that a new paradigm is needed since the largest ships cannot even navigate the Mississippi River, but a downriver site would be much closer for them.

As we requested at the meeting this week in the lower 9th ward, another hearing is necessary for the upper 9th ward side, which would also require an extension of the comment period to April.

As the near sole beneficiary of this log-ramming effort, post the Trump inauguration is his major fundraiser Boysie Bollinger, it is time for our Congressional delegation to request a GAO investigation into the misuse of federal funds on this project.

Of course, the St. Claude bridge needs work, a bikeway and pedestrian upgrade, and local residents should enjoy the benefit of jobs on this section of the canal.

This project should be moved away from urban areas and to where large barges towing hazardous cargoes could negotiate the river, away from the treacherous bends, and currents around New Orleans in the busiest and most dangerous section of the Mississippi River.

This project will not benefit the 9th Ward: in fact it will do much damage. Thousands of pilings will be driven that will damage historic structures in neighborhoods bordering the canal. Further construction dust, noise, vibration, exposure, disruption, devastation, are accompanied with guaranteed uncompensated risk, as the Corps’ arbitrary decisions are immune from lawsuit.

The 13-year construction project will create a bottleneck for transportation- and problems for residents, businesses, and all forms of transit that would paralyze this area. The demand that residents move from their homes is inhumane.

Fabricating studies, ruining wetlands, risking communities, and a lack of accountability to citizens and nation, along with the Corps’ history instructs that this project should be moved to an unpopulated area.

It is dangerous to disturb toxins in the canal bottoms and expose the community to further danger from their transportation and disposal. The environmental hazards to both our communities and anywhere they decide to dump these toxins is unknowable and potentially illegal.

All of these points constitute Environmental Racism.

We look forward to your response and to working with you to achieve a fair and impartial just solution for this project. Please accept this letter as our deep opposition to this project as it is currently proposed.


Candidate Forum set for Saturday March 4th 1pm Allen P August Multi-Purpose Center Lake Charles

A Community Voice (ACV) is pleased to announce that we are hosting a public candidate forum on:

Saturday March 4th    1pm

Allen P August Multi-Purpose Center

2001 Moeling Street.

This forum will introduce the public to candidates running for Mayor and City Council District A, B, C, F and inform as many people as possible the positions of each candidate. Some of the main issues of concern are affordable housing, economic development and jobs, as well as health care.

Mayoral candidates will go first at 1pm, followed by City Council candidates at 2pm. Candidates will be allowed brief introductions, following with a question and answer sessions. The audience will have an opportunity to submit questions in writing. The moderator for this candidate forum will be Crystal Stevenson from the American Press.

Everyone is invited to attend. Please contact A Community Voice at 337-707-1517 or email at for questions or additional information.

Press Release for ACV Candidate Forum March 4th


Stop Environmental Racism in the 9th Ward

Fight the Industrial Canal Expansion

  • There are NO Jobs or Benefits for Impacted Communities
  • It Only Benefits Trump Mega-Fundraiser Bollinger Shipyards
  • Waste of 1 Billion of Taxpayer dollars
  • Barge Traffic carrying toxins is Dangerous for the large bordering neighborhoods
  • Damage from pile driving near homes will lower property values and the Corps is protected from liability.
  • This Project calls for a 2nd Canal to be dug in the Lower 9, which will leave homes more vulnerable to flooding.
  • Construction will disturb heavy metals, contaminate the canal, and pollute the entire City.
  • Impede traffic flow, including those driving into St. Bernard, and threaten the community during hurricane season.
  • Existing canal has been improperly maintained, due to nonunion work.
  • Mitigation money should be used to pay reparations to the community for past damages

Problems with the New Freeway

Through the 8th & 9th Wards

  • Benefits only St. Bernard Parish & no benefits to Orleans Parish
  • Trucks can easily use Paris Rd. in St. Bernard to get to I-10
  • 100 Affordable Housing units will be TORN DOWN in Lower 9
  • New Bridges & Bike Paths can be built without this Freeway

What You can Do NOW to . . .

Please Make Phone Calls & Send a Note to the Army Corps

Are You Against the Expansion of the Industrial Canal?

Mayor Landrieu 504-658-4000


Jason Williams 504-658-1070

Stacy Head 504-658-1060

Susan Guidry 504-658-1010

Latoya Cantrell 504-658-1020

Nadine Ramsey 504-658-1030

Jared Brossett 504-658-1040

James Gray 504-658-1050

Governor John Bel Edwards 866-366-1121

Congressman Cedric Richmond 504-288-3777

Comments in Writing only to Army Corps of Engineers

By March 1st

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District

c/o Mark Lahare


7400 Leake Ave.

New Orleans, LA 70118

Are you against a new freeway through the 8th & 9th Wards?

Please Make Calls & Leave this Message

  1. No to the Louisiana State DOTD Florida Project that puts a freeway through New Orleans Black Neighborhoods
  2. Yes to new bridges that have bike/walk access at Florida and Claiborne and a new bike/walk bridge at St. Claude.

Governor John Bel Edwards 866-366-1121

Congressman Cedric Richmond 504-288-3777

Rep. Jimmy Harris 504-243-1960

Rep. Joseph Bouie 504-286-1033

Rep. Neil Abramson 504-275-8051

Rep. Walt Leger 504-556-9970

Rep. John Bagneris 504-243-7783

Rep. Helena Moreno 504-568-2740

State Sen. Troy Carter 504-302-3682

State Sen. JP Morrell 504-284-4794

State Sen. Karen Carter-Peterson 504-568-8346

State Sen. Wesley Bishop 504-284-4794

Mayor Landrieu 504-658-4000


Jason Williams 504-658-1070

Stacy Head 504-658-1060

Susan Guidry 504-658-1010

Latoya Cantrell 504-658-1020

Nadine Ramsey 504-658-1030

Jared Brossett 504-658-1040

James Gray 504-658-1050