Save Health Care in Louisiana Alliance

Save Health Care in Louisiana Alliance Comes Together to Call for a Peoples Vote on Medicaid Expansion

The Save Health Care in Louisiana Alliance that includes several State Legislators is calling for a peoples vote on accepting federal funding for Medicaid expansion in Louisiana.  Governor Bobby Jindal’s aggressive assault on health care has left Louisianans with few options when it comes to quality, affordable, health care. Through Gov. Bobby Jindal’s refusal to expand Medicaid, the state has stranded almost 422,000 Louisiana residents – many of them people of color – without medical insurance.  Meanwhile, clinics and health facilities throughout the state are being closed. Our jails have become pricey warehouses for the mentally ill, as most of the city’s mental health services have disappeared or remained shuttered since Katrina.

We will also be releasing  LA_Breaking Barriers  a report by the national Alliance for a Just Society.

Save Health Care in Louisiana

“Breaking Barriers” Report Release

Wednesday, March 4th 12:30pm

3400 Florida (at Desire)

(at the site of an abandoned, blighted mental health clinic)

 Speakers:  Vanessa Gueringer, A Community Voice; Pat Bryant, Justice and Beyond; Rev. Jim Vanderweele, Community Unitarian Church; Morris Reed, NAACP; Dr. Howard Mielke, Lead Safe America Foundation; State Rep., Wesley Bishop; State Rep. Austin Badon; Local 100, ULU; Southern United Neighborhoods

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